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The Myth That Rabbits Are 'Easy' Pets

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  • Rabbits require significant care and attention that rivals that required by a dog or cat
  • Caring for a rabbit can be even more involved than caring for a cat or dog, in part because their many nuances and special requirements are less commonly known
  • It’s also a myth that rabbits can be kept in a cage all day; rabbits need time to roam outside of their habitat for several hours a day or more in a safe, bunny-proofed environment     
  • The natural diet of rabbits includes a variety of grasses, forbs, herbs and leaves, which is difficult to imitate for domestic bunnies; a hay-only diet is recommended over a diet containing grain mixes and grain-based pellets
  • Rabbits have delicate bones that are easily injured and are prone to fear-induced stress; younger children can easily harm these fragile creatures, which are not good “starter” pets



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