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What to Expect When Fostering a Dog

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  • Once you fill out an application to foster a dog, be aware that your new foster could arrive sooner than you expect, so it’s a good idea to get prepared right away
  • Items to have on hand include food and water bowls, a leash and harness, a pet bed, toys, food and treats, poop bags and a crate or pen
  • As soon as you bring your foster pup home, show him where to use the potty and where he can find a safe place to rest; this will help the dog feel less anxious, as he’s just been through a number of sudden, unpleasant experiences      
  • You’ll want to do your best to keep his first hours and days in your home as calm as possible to help him feel at ease; keep new introductions to a minimum and do them one at a time
  • While you may want to engage in some brief positive training sessions, the goal right now isn’t to teach him obedience but rather let him know that he’s safe, loved and accepted
  • Not only will your love help your foster find a home faster, but it will open up space in shelters and rescues so more animals can get the help they need



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