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The Pet Least Likely to Survive a Snakebite

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  • Without antivenom, only 31% of dogs survive a bite by an eastern brown snake, but this increases to 66% in cats
  • Even when antivenom treatment is given, cats are still significantly more likely to survive a snakebite than dogs
  • Dogs have faster clotting blood than cats, which makes them more vulnerable to snake venoms as dogs would likely enter a state where blood clotting fails sooner    
  • Behavioral differences between cats and dogs are also likely involved, with dogs more likely to be bitten on the nose or mouth, which are highly vascularized areas, while cats typically swat at snakes with their paws
  • Dogs are often more active than cats, which allows snake venom to travel throughout the body faster
  • If a pet is bitten by a snake, keep your pet still, carry him to your vehicle and get to an emergency veterinary hospital immediately



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