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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Pet Toys

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  • In the U.S., pet toys are big business, bringing in more than $1 billion annually, but not all pet toys are created equal, and some can even be harmful
  • Choose toys made in the U.S. out of 100% natural rubber, organic cotton or other eco-friendly and contaminant-free materials
  • Generally speaking, look for a toy size that’s comfortable for your pet to hold in its mouth but not small enough that he could accidentally swallow it    
  • Variety is the spice of life, so provide a mix of types and textures, including puzzle toys that provide mental stimulation, for your pets to enjoy, and rotate them regularly
  • Avoid giving your dog stuffed animals meant for children, as they aren’t intended for dogs and will be easily ripped apart and may have small parts that could be ingested



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