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Why Pet Birds Need Species-Appropriate Fresh Food Diets

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  • Decades ago, it was common for avian veterinarians to recommend fortified seed diets as the gold standard for pet birds, followed by the trend of only feeding fortified pellets (similar to dry pet food) to meet minimum nutritional requirements
  • Now it’s known that seed-based diets and one-size-fits-all pellets are lacking in important aspects of species-specific bird nutrition and may lead to nutritional diseases such as obesity, reproductive disorders, abnormal feathers and organ dysfunction    
  • The best diets for exotic birds are diets that most closely mimic a bird’s native diet and include an abundance of fresh, live, whole foods, which provide natural foraging opportunities and vitamins and minerals from bioavailable sources
  • More and more aviculturists, including biologist and educator Dr. Jason Crean of All Species Consulting and Collaborating 4 Avian Wellness (C4AW), are recognizing the important role of species-appropriate nutrition for the birds they keep and are seeing improved health and vitality as a result, making excellent nutrition a priority



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