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Confused About Cat Litter? - Join the Club!

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  • These days there are a staggering number of cat litter choices, including clay (clumping and non-clumping), crystals, paper, pine, corn, wheat, walnut shells and grass
  • The best way to determine your own kitty’s litter choice is to offer her several kinds in inexpensive side-by-side litter boxes and see which one she uses most often
  • One of my favorite types of litter is made with organic biochar, which naturally helps control odor without chemicals
  • Once your cat has made her selection, be sure to keep about a 4-inch deep level of litter in the box; also make sure you have enough litter boxes if you have multiple cats, and that the boxes are in cat-friendly locations around your home
  • Keeping your cat’s “toilet” fastidiously clean will go a long way toward preventing litterbox aversion



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