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Household Hazards for Birds

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  • Seemingly harmless items around your home can prove toxic or even deadly to pet birds
  • Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE), found in nonstick cookware, including Teflon, it a top toxin to birds; when products that contain them are heated, it leads to the release of an odorless, invisible gas that can quickly kill your bird
  • Room sprays, plug-ins, incense, wax melts and scented candles all emit potentially toxic fumes that negatively impact air quality and can be potentially fatal for birds
  • Lead and zinc are also toxic to birds, and may be found in curtain weights, fishing weights, jewelry, bells with lead clappers, bird toys, galvanized cages and stained glass, among other sources
  • Even if you feel like you’ve bird-proofed your home, you should constantly supervise your bird whenever he’s out of his cage to ensure he doesn’t chew on wires, fly into a mirror or drown in an open container of water




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