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Save Yourself Untold Heartbreak and Anguish - Avoid This Crossbreed

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Story at-a-glance

  • The crossbreeding of wolves with dogs, creating wolfdogs to sell as pets, has been an unfortunate trend for several decades, and sadly, the fate of the vast majority of these animals is tragic
  • There are many things about wolfdogs that make them unsuitable pets for most people once they reach sexual maturity at around age 3; simply put, the more “wolfie” the animal, the more challenging he will be to properly care for
  • Wolfdogs can be considerably more stubborn, bold and aggressive than domestic dogs and in general, the wilder aspects of their natures can result in damage to homes and yards, and injury to smaller pets
  • Proper care of a wolfdog requires more land and other resources than most pet owners have at their disposal
  • Wolves and dogs shouldn’t be crossbred; one is a wild animal who deserves to live in the wild — the other is a fully domesticated companion animal and a much better choice for prospective pet owners

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