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Foxtails: This One Seasonal Menace Can Kill Your Pet

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  • The late spring and summer months mean foxtail (plant awn) season depending on where you live and travel with your dog
  • Foxtails can quickly make their way into your dog’s body through any opening, including the nose, eyes, ears and mouth; they can also puncture the skin
  • Once inside the body, foxtails can create abscesses, damage tissue, cause infection and can potentially be lethal
  • If you take your dog to outdoor locations where plant awns grow, it’s imperative that you check him from nose to tail several times a day, and remove any foxtails in his coat or between his toes
  • If you suspect a foxtail has made its way into your dog’s nose or throat or ear, or you see an oozing sore or draining tract, get him to a veterinarian or emergency animal clinic right away



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