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Farmed Salmon Contaminated with Synthetic Tire Chemical

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Story at-a-glance

  • Fish farms are the water-based equivalents of land-based concentrated animal feeding operations, and as such they create the same, if not worse, environmental concerns
  • Since the salmon pens are placed along wild salmon runs, they pose a severe threat to wild salmon that pass by, exposing wild fish to diseases such as piscine reovirus, which now threatens wild salmon with extinction
  • Toxicology testing reveals farmed salmon is one of the most toxic foods in the world — more than five times more toxic than any other food tested, with eight times higher PCB levels than wild salmon
  • One of the reasons farmed salmon contain higher levels of toxins than wild is because their feed is highly contaminated. Another is because they contain far higher levels of fat, which binds and accumulates toxins
  • A chemical of particular concern found in farmed salmon (but not in wild) is ethoxyquin — a rubber stabilizer, pesticide, preservative and antioxidant all in one, and a suspected carcinogen that damages DNA


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