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Questions to Ask About Every Vaccine Your Veterinarian Recommends

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  • Pet owners are asking the right questions about vaccines — they are the questions veterinarians should be asking, but aren’t
  • As more pet parents question the wisdom of repetitive and unnecessary vaccines, some conventional veterinarians are labeling these clients “anti-vaxxers” and digging in their heels
  • If your vet is more casual than cautious about vaccines, or can’t adequately address your concerns about over-vaccination, it’s up to you to advocate for your dog or cat
  • The conventional veterinary community would be wise to reevaluate its position on repetitive vaccinations and make antibody titer tests available and affordable
  • In the meantime, it will continue to be up to pet parents to explain the difference between responsibly vaccinating and an “anti-vaxxer” to their veterinarians, and insure their animal companions aren’t receiving unnecessary noncore vaccines, or boosters against diseases to which they’re already immune




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