Adoption ADOPT:MARY Shepherd-Lab X, F, 14 wks old Needs A Home

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From the C4P Newsletter July 12, 2015



Beautiful, 14 week old Mary is a social and confident puppy who catches on quickly - she's a clever girl!  She has a wonderful personality that has been nurtured by her foster family. She has been treated and trained with patience and kind guidance. We are looking for an adopter who subscribes to positive-based puppy training and someone who has dog experience would be ideal. Mary would be amazing at agility as she loves to climb and jump with great accuracy. Like all puppies, Mary has energy and needs good outlets - she would excel in puppy classes. Mary needs physical and mental stimulation, and we feel she would be best with a family who has no children under 12 years of age. We'd love it if she could live in a house with fenced yard (as opposed to an apartment or condo), as she enjoys outdoor activities. Mary enjoys canine companionship (she has her foster sister Rosie now, whom she adores), but she has not yet been introduced to cats.  We think she is a mix of Shepherd and Retriever and will be about 65-70 pounds when fully grown. www.speakingofdogs.com  





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If she were to magically appear at my door...

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