Nutrition Diet In Chronic Renal Failure/Chronic Kidney Disease

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When your pet is diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure aka Chronic Kidney Disease, your vet is likely to suggest one of the prescription diets manufactured by Hill's, Royal Canin, Purina, Iams, or Hi-Tor Neo.

Among the Websites I found when searching for information about Prescription Diets for Chronic Kidney Disease in dogs and cats, is a reference guide published by Hill's Prescription Pet Foods:

Hill`s Reference Guide To Kidney Health


The following are the most likely suggestions your vet will make based on what they carry in their office:

Hill's Prescription K/D for cats
This site shows Prescription Cardiac and Kidney Dry and Wet foods for cats.

Hill's Prescription K/D for dogs
This site shows Prescription Cardiac and Kidney Dry and Wet foods for dogs


Renal LP Dry for cats by Royal Canin

Renal LP Chunks in Gravy for cats by Royal Canin

Renal LP Dry for dogs by Royal Canin

Renal LP Wet for dogs by Royal Canin


Purina NF for Dogs with CRF/CKD

Purina NF for Cats with CRF/CKD


Iams Vet Formula Renal Plus for Dogs

Iams Vet Formula Renal Plus for Cats


Hi-Tor Neo for Dogs & Cats,with Chronic Kidney Disease


If you search for information about CRF and/or CKD you will find
many sites. However, there are only a few websites that can be relied upon to have accurate and up-to-date information about diet in Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats and Dogs. A few sites are worth mentioning here:




HEALTHY PET JOURNAL: Dealing with Kidney Failure in Cats & Dogs

Chronic Kidney Disease and Failure (CKD, CRF, CRD) from the Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine



If you feed your dog or cat a raw food diet then please be aware that many blood test results are altered slightly. There has been much more research done into dogs diagnosed with CKD, than into cats with CRF/CKD who are also fed a raw food diet.  However, in all the research I have read about these elevated blood test results, when both diet and a diagnosis of CKD are taken into account, in most cases the elevated BUN and Creatinine will still be within normal limits. Infrequently the BUN and Creatinine are higher than the normal range but if the Phosphorus level taken at the same time is within the normal range, there is no cause for concern.




There was a study done to evaluate home prepared diets for dogs and cats with Chronic Kidney Disease. The article was published in the March 2012 issue of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

It is worth reading as it points out the inadequacies in some Home Prepared diets you may find on the internet. Inadequacies you need to know, before you prepare your first homemade meal for your pet, so you can avoid them: Evaluation of recipes for home-prepared diets for dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease Another site based on the same article with a little more information Home-prepared diets for pets with CKD

A site which contains a lot of information about Chronic Kidney Disease and diet: Diet and Chronic Renal Disease


In researching Home Prepared Diets in CRF/CKD I found a link to one of the premier books on making food for your dog and/or cat: Dr Donald R. Strombeck wrote his book several years ago and when the book started to command a huge premium, instead of producing a pricey new edition, he posted the entire book online so it is now Available Free here: Strombeck's Home-Prepared Diets For Dogs and Cats Safe, Balanced, Complete & Up-to-Date

If you do not know who Dr Donald R. Strombeck is, he was a professor teaching and researching for 20 years at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California - Davis, He is now retired but continues to have an interest in Nutrition for dogs and cats and updates his online book on an ongoing basis.

This interview, Dr Strombeck gave Bark.com, Donald R. Strombeck Talks Dog Nutrition and Pet Food Recalls talks about his lifelong interest in Nutrition and also talks about the pet food recalls in 2007. It is a very interesting article.



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