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Welcome Guests! thank-you for dropping in to our forum for all types of pets, mainly cats and dogs but also for Birds, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Exotics and Wildlife. If it is a pet, then we have people who can answer your questions. We would love it if you registered and introduced yourself and your pet family in the Introductions & Welcome Mat Forum which will become visible to you as soon as you Register. We also love to see pictures of your pet family, so please include any Pictures of your pets that you have available and tell us about them.

Our forum was started by and for people who believe in adopting animals from Shelters, Humane Societies, SPCAs etc. We know that as well as All-Breed Rescues, there are Rescue Organizations dedicated to specific breeds of animals who deal only with Pure Bred pets of that specific breed. For example for Pure Bred dogs, there is an excellent list of Rescue Organizations in Canada at: Canada's Guide To Dogs - Rescue Organizations  and Dog and Cat Rescue Organizations in Canada You can find links to other rescue organizations, humane societies in Canada by using your search engine with "rescue organizations for animals in Canada" (or any country you are interested in) in the search box.


As well as many other forums we have a forum for Pictures of your pets: Pictures! Pictures!. There you will find pictures posted of every member's animals.

We believe there is an alternative to buying a pet from a breeder, as there are many pets just waiting to find their forever home, who have ended up with a Rescue Organization for one reason or another, due to circumstances that they obviously have no control over. Many of those who have been rescued are puppies and kittens, very young birds and other types of animals, so that someone looking for a Pure Bred pet to join their family, can find a pet of almost any age at a Rescue Agency. These pets may not have a home without people like you being aware of the existence of these Rescue Organizations and utilizing them.


We also have a forum that is updated every Sunday with pets that are currently available for adoption or living with a foster mom/dad here : Rescue, Foster and Adoption Forum

For those who are looking for any breed of pet, bird or a Pure Bred, can see all different breeds at: There you will find Pure Breds, and All-Breeds of all different types of pets.

Please join us, we are friendly and have people who are knowledgeable about all things animal including nutrition, supplements, vets who will come to your home and many other subjects. We look forward to meeting you and your pets. We are a young forum and building with new articles and ideas added daily!

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