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Ingredients In Cat & Dog Food Not Necessarily Good For Cats or Dogs



On 9/5/2011 at 6:40 PM, dbg10 said:

Some information about the ingredient Carrageenan found in some canned pet foods as well as some of the rolled types. It is also widely used in a lot of human foods and other products.

This website also has a list of foods and other products containing Carrageenan ....

List of Foods With Carrageenan

Examples of foods that may contain carrageenan (4,5,6):

Dairy products: chocolate milk, eggnog, condensed milk, evaporated (canned) milk, milk powder, cheeses (such as cottage cheese, cream cheese), yogurts, spreads, whipping cream substitutes, puddings, whey

Dried nuts and seeds, nut spreads, almond milk

Fat spreads and fat-based desserts

Custard (frozen)

Sherbets, sorbets, ice creams

Dessert gels, fruit jellies

Processed fruits, jams, pie filling

Dried mushrooms, seaweeds

Soybean products, such as soy milk

Canned vegetables, legumes, fruits, meats and fish

Pimento olive stuffing

Processed meats, edible sausage casings

Confectionery: chocolate

Ready-to-eat cereals

Pre-cooked pasta, soups

Rice pudding, rice cake, tapioca pudding




Processed egg products

Vinegars, mustards, sauces (like barbecue), salad dressings, relishes and other condiments

Dietetic foods for weight loss

Infant formulas

Dietary supplements

Non-alcoholic drinks: energy and sport drinks, syrups

Alcoholic drinks: apple cider, perry (from fermented pears), mead, beer, distilled beverages, aromatized alcoholic drinks

Other Products Containing Carrageenan

Pills and syrups (like cough syrup)



Air freshener gels

Cosmetic products

Dog foods and other pet foods


Paints (water-based)


Shoe polish

Source: Ingredients In Cat Food Not Necessarily Good For Cats


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